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Big Foot Hills


707 vm


ob 17:00


707 višinskih metrov

68,6 kilometrov


1 (št. krog)

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Big Foot Hills

One of five routes rolled out with Zwift’s Titans Grove expansion, “Big Foot Hills” takes you on a meandering journey over the lower peaks of Watopia, including Titans Grove in both directions.

This longer route is perfect for a ~2-hour free ride and includes 5 different KOM sections of short to medium length. A nice choice if you want to do some VO2 max hill training!


Length: 68.6 km (41.9 miles)
707 m (2,320‘)
Lead-In: 2.4 km (1.5 miles)
Map: Watopia



You will spawn just before the desert start pens, then there is a lead-in to the desert start/finish arch, which is the start and end point of this loop.

Begin just before the Fuego Flats start pen and hit the flat, fast desert roads to start. This is as flat as your journey will get! You’ll hang a right into Titans Grove (forward direction) after leaving Saddle Springs, ride through Titans Grove, then turn left to head toward downtown Watopia.

At the intersection near downtown, turn left to head up the original Watopia KOM, then descend down and turn left onto the gravel at the Italian Villas toward the volcano.

At the volcano, you’ll take the first right for a CCW circuit around (and through) our favorite magmatic mountain. But before you complete a full circuit you will turn left to head up the Volcano KOM–the largest climb on the route.

Once you’ve finished that climb, zip down the volcano and ride to downtown Watopia, through the main start/finish banner and back out toward Fuego Flats. But before you hit our original starting point you’ll hang a right into Titans Grove, covering that road in the reverse direction.

After Titans Grove turn right to get onto Ocean Boulevard, through the fishing village, and onto the original KOM in the reverse direction. After descending from the KOM turn right onto Ocean Boulevard, then a quick left toward Fuego Flats to finish near the same place you began.

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