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FRANCIJA - Roule Ma Poule


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145 višinskih metrov

23 kilometrov


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FRANCIJA - Roule Ma Poule

Released with Zwift’s France map for the first-ever Virtual Tour de France, Roule Ma Poule is essentially the reverse version of the Casse-Pattes route, covering the full outer loop in a counter-clockwise direction with a different start/finish location atop the Petit KOM.


Length: 23 km (14.3 miles)
145 m (476‘)
Lead-In: 3.1 km (1.9 miles)
Map: France

We begin with a significant lead-in climb traveling east from the start pens up to the Petit KOM banner.

Once you cross the banner the official loop begins, starting with a zigzag descent of the Petit KOM soon followed by the short Aqueduc KOM. Enjoy your ride through the french countryside, hitting the cobbled Pavé Sprint, riding past the field of sunflowers and through the tunnel of trees.

Then it’s past the sites of the Needle and Arch, Mont Saint-Michel, and the lighthouse, into the marina and onto the Marina Sprint.

All that’s left from here is to ride past the start pens, climbing back up to the Petit KOM banner to finish your lap.


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