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Yorkshire - Tour of Tewit Well


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Yorkshire - Tour of Tewit Well

One of six routes rolled out with Zwift’s UCI 2019 Worlds map, “Tour of Tewit Well” covers the larger southern portion of the course in a counter-clockwise direction.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Harrogate made its fortune by drawing often wealthy people to come and drink its waters, which had a supposedly curative effect.

Tewit Well was discovered in 1596, and named after the local word for peewit or lapwing, a bird common to the Stray parkland where the well is located.


Length: 10.4 km (6.5 miles)
200 m (656‘)
Lead-In: 0 km ( miles)
Map: Yorkshire


Beginning before the start/finish banner, you will quickly turn left near the Royal Pump Room and begin the reverse KOM segment. Finish that climb then descend down the backside and over the Oak Beck stone bridge.

Most of the loop after this point is fairly straight roads at gentle inclines, except for the Pot Bank section which will surprise you with its short, steep climb (15%).

In real life, this is a twisty, narrow bridge. Zwift has retained the steep descent and curves but widened the roads for our safety.

Make your way through the fields, wave hello to the friendly farmers and their cows and sheep, and you’ll find yourself back in Harrogate soon enough. The route ends as you cross the start/finish banner.

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